10 Surprising Facts You Need To Know About Singaporean Food

Singapore has a reputation for being one of best tourist attraction centers in the world. The country enjoys a wide range of diversity concerning the people, culture, and even food. People from everywhere worldwide cannot resist the urge of touring Singapore.
There are only a few countries in Asia that are well-developed, clean, and as safe and organized as Singapore. In addition to that, it is easy to move around in Singapore. You will always feel safe moving around Singapore at any time of the day.
Singaporean Food
Singaporean food is very fascinating, too. You can find it anywhere within the city packaged in unmatched and unexpected ways. Below are ten surprising facts that you need to know about Singaporean food.
1.  Hawker centers are the core of Singaporean food
Singapore has a very unique culture. One of the greatest differentiators is the hawker centers. Here you can find all of the essential meals in Singapore. These are the joints where cheap meals are found and you will often find the locals satisfying their hunger there.
Hawker centers are located in the open air near housing complexes. This is the best place where you can have the best local meals. If you are on trip to Singapore, consider visiting the hawker centers. To prepare for your Singapore tour, you need to obtain a Singaporean visa, which you can easily do by engaging one of the most reliable visa agents by checking them out online at one-visa.com.
2.  The hawker centers are very clean
When you hear about street food, it is hard to imagine the place being clean. However, the Singaporean hawker centers are very clean compared to those in neighboring countries. There are wash stations located at the hawker centers where you can clean your hands before eating any food.
3.  Every stall in the hawker center specializes in a different meal
Once you visit the hawker centers, you will realize that each stall specializes in a different meal. The same applies to beverages with different stalls selling different drinks. This way, you can taste the various local meals from different vendors who have specialized in preparing them.
4.  Food in Singapore is multicultural and multi-religious
As noted earlier, Singapore is a very diverse country concerning race. At the same time, Singapore is highly diverse in religion. A combination of this diversity has been brought into the Singaporean food. You will be served local dishes from the various ethnic groups of Singapore.
5.  Menus are in English
You can have difficulties ordering meals in Cambodia or Thailand, but not in Singapore. Here, all of the menus are written in English, so you know what dish you are ordering.
6.  You must follow the set rules
Singapore has set some strict regulations that must be abided by everybody, be it citizen or foreigner. For instance, you cannot take liquor into a public place between 10:30 PM to 7:00 AM. You can find billboards reminding people of this.
7.  Food prices
Generally speaking, the Singaporean food prices are higher compared to other Asian countries. Well, the prices are worth it for the fact that a high level of hygiene is observed. At the hawker centers, though, the food is cheaper.
8.  Singaporean eating habits
You will always find food in Singapore at any time of the day. You can use tissues to reserve a table at the hawker centers as you go to order your meals, which is a practice called chopping. Just note down the table number, give it to the vendor, and the food will be brought to you. Drinks in Singapore are served in plastic bags fitted with a straw.
9.  Singaporean food stores
You will locate food stores in shopping malls or supermarkets. You cannot find food at small mobile markets because it is a requirement that every food store holds high hygiene standards.
10.  No food is too weird to be served at the hawker center
Crocodile paws, shark meat, frog meat, and turtle liver all sound too weird. They are meals you would not expect to be served at a hawker stall. As bizarre as they sound, you will not miss these meals at the Singaporean hawker centers.
Singapore is a country of diversity due to the different cultures and people who inhabit the island country and live harmoniously. The diversity comes out clearly in its food. If you wish to sample the local dishes, the hawker centers are the hubs for the food and they offer a wide array of local specialties and also act as places for the people to connect.

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