Best Football Tailgate Food


There is nothing like cheering on your team with a tailgate party. Good friends and good beer guarantee a good time, but you also want to make sure everyone is fed, too. You can find the cheapest pizza specials near you to feed your friends if you are on a budget. However, you do not want to ignore other tailgate staples, such as the best BBQ chicken wings money can buy. Here are some dishes you definitely want to make sure you have on-hand when your team plays.

Football Tailgate Food


Nothing beats pizza for any party. From plain cheese to vegetarian, you can have something for everyone at your party. If you know the exact tastes you are buying for, then you can even create your own pizza to have delivered. It is always a good idea to get a few different pizzas so that everyone can have the pizza they want. You may even be able to take advantage of certain discounts when you order several pies. Everyone loves pizza, so this is sure to be a hit at the next game.

Chicken Wings

Finger foods are definitely good to have. You do not want people dealing with utensils when they are trying to pay attention to the score. You can impress everyone at the party by ordering BBQ chicken wings delivery. With delivery, you do not have to spend an hour baking the wings in the oven. They come to you, so you can focus on painting your face and wearing the perfect attire for the party. Additionally, you are not limited to just BBQ wings. You can also opt for roasted with no sauce, honey chipotle or buffalo.


Cheesesticks are great for people who do not quite feel like having a slice of pizza but still want something yummy to munch on. You just want to make sure you have a great assortment of sauces for people to choose from. You can order your cheesesticks with a side of pizza sauce, garlic sauce, ranch, honey mustard or something else entirely. They make for great appetizers to get people prepared for the main course.


After all of that good food, you want something sweet to bring the tailgate to an end. Once the game reaches the fourth quarter, people will start thinking about dessert. You can satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth by having chocolate chip brownies on-hand. Each piece can be small enough to where no one feels bloated. Other good dessert options for a tailgate party include chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon pull aparts.

Every tailgate party needs a few things to be successful. It needs a sense of camaraderie and everyone rooting for the same team. With the right food, everyone will have an excellent time, and they will talk about your tailgate party for years to come. For all of the food mentioned here, you can take advantage of delivery options. Everything goes straight to you, so you do not have to worry about buying ingredients and cooking. Order food for your next tailgate well in advance, so everything arrives when it should.

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