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Ragi mudde | Ragi

Ragi mudde is a delicious dish which is liked by people of all age groups. Ragi mudde by parveen has a step by step process of how to make the dish. This makes it very easy to understand for even beginners. This recipe can serve 3 peoples. You can find Ragi mudde at many restaurants and you can also prepare this at home. This authentic and mouthwatering Ragi mudde takes 01 mins for the preparation and 09 mins for cooking. When you want to prepare something delicious for a party or special occasion then Ragi mudde is a good option for you. The flavour ofRagi mudde is tempting and you will enjoy each bite of this. Try this Ragi mudde on weekends and impress your family and friends. You can comment and rate the Ragi mudde recipe on the page below.
Prep time
Cook time
Total time

Ingredients (240 ml cup used)

  • ½ cup ragi flour (even puttu flour works well)
  • 1 cup water
  • Salt as needed

How to make the recipe

  1. Add salt, 1 tbsp. flour to water in a pot and mix well to remove any lumps.
  2. Begin to cook on a medium flame.
  3. When the mixture begins to boil rapidly, add the flour.
  4. Take off the pot from the stove, and stir well to prevent lumps.
  5. You will see that the water is absorbed quickly by the flour, but yet looks soggy. Bring the flour together to the center of the pot, this helps to trap the steam in the flour.
  6. Back to the stove, cover and cook on a low flame for about 3 minutes without burning.
  7. Switch off the stove and leave it as it is covered.
  8. When the temperature comes down, either grease or moisten your palms and roll it to balls.
  9. Serve ragi mudde with your favorite gravy or sambar.

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