Meat Eaters Vs Vegans

Meat Eaters Vs Vegans by Chef Ido Fishman


The family park was completely encumbered with people, all the eyes were searching and waiting for someone. A food festival was ongoing there and today was the last day of it, at the last day people were promised by the management to meet their beloved chef. All eyes were waiting for the man of tastes and aromas. Another female was cooking something but people had no interest in it, finally the dish that lady was cooking has completed. The host came to the stage and looked around to the people who were now anxious and was chanting his name. The host suddenly howled his name and people started to cry with joy. A man walked into the stage with grace and courtesy, it was Ido Fishman, the super chef. It was his dream to become the best chef of the world and after a long struggle there he was with great honor.

Ido Fishman started his career with a small town restaurant as a trainee, but he had the talent of leadership in his personality that took him to the superior altitudes of the cooking world. The taste in his hands snatched the attention of the big chefs of his town. Soon he entered into the lavish world of food in a five star hotel, but soon he got bored because, he had that hunger for more. He started travelling and imparted his whole life to discover the food of every region. During his travelling he tasted different kinds of foods with unlike types of cooking techniques. He cooked enormously for the foodies of every region.

During his destiny he tasted meat, vegetables, fruits and every kind of stuff that can be eaten, but after several of years spending in the valley of taste he determined that vegan food is the most delicious and healthy food of all.

Define vegan

The god has created a man with various qualities and one of them that, man is omnivorous, means a man can eat vegetable and meat both. In early 70s a different group with diverse theory step ahead and raised their voice to prevent to animals slaughter and sufferings. They implemented to people’s mind to avoid eating the meat, and the things which belongs to the animals, such as eggs and dairy products. We can define vegan food as a vegetarian diet which omits meat, eggs, dairy products and all products derived by animals. Many people do not eat the foods which are sort out using animal products.

Vegan food

Going vegan does not mean that you are going to spend a whole lot of time in the kitchen to prepare food. It is amazing that vegan food is instant making, all the grains, beans, fruits, legumes, vegetables and all the number of foods made by their combination are included in it. Many varieties of vegan food are also available in the market, such as veggie mayonnaise, vegan hotdogs, ice cream and cheese. Fermented foods are also famous in vegan society. Vegans also eat many of the same foods which we eat normally, such as noodles, spaghetti, green salad, peanut butter sandwiches, salsa and chips.

Ido Fishman believes that it is a challenging part to become a vegan but, gradually a man can convert himself into it by practice. Vegan food is as nutritious as another food can, it gives the energy and give power to your body. No one can doubt the vegan food is a waste, it is as healthy as meat.

Meat eaters

Ido Fishman always love the vegan food and seems to be passionate about this type of food, but on the other side he rejects eating meat. He believes that meat is destroying the planet and causing the cancer, but most of the meat eaters litter the ideology and refuse to avoid eating meat. People have haunted and killed animals for the meat from the old ages. Meat is a complete healthy food which contains all the amino acids needs the human body. Meat digests slowly, but 95% of meat protein and 96% of meat fat is digested. Meat eaters are crazy about meat and want to have it all the time in their food. The meat product industry is called meat packing, contains the slaughtering of animals, which causes the immense bleeding and skinning in it.

Meat is available in two types, red meat (goat, cow, sheep and buffalo), white meat (fish and chicken). Although dishes made by meat are really delicious and joyful, meat eaters enjoy their cuisine by eating meat in various forms. You make, steak or Bar B Q with the meat, you can also make mutton or beef curry with meat. Dishes made by meat, are popular in all over the world and loved by everyone except vegans.

Disadvantages of eating meat

Perhaps meat no doubt is a delicious thing to eat but it is not so healthy by the perception of health. As compare to vegan food meat is not so healthy for the meat eaters. Most of the international research teams steered some reviews effects of meat and treated meat on multiple health issues, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and premature death. Meat increases health risk, and the evidence shows that people that intake less are on less risk, but people with high intake of meat are on high risk. That is why Ido Fishman is against meat eaters and prevents them by eating meat, how can a man who believes in spreading happiness and life among the world can approve to slaughter a life.

Ido Fishman wants the whole world to protect the rights of animals, by saving them to slaughter, and wish that one day his ideology will be understood by the whole world. Vegan food is really necessary for the health and Ido Fishman claims that, after accepting the vegan lifestyle and vegan food people will feel much healthy and more protected. He is sure that the next era will belong to vegan lifestyle.

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