Bulk Natural Foods

8 Reasons Why you Should Buy Bulk Natural Foods and Go Organic!


Natural and organic bulk foods are becoming more and more popular. They have grown beyond the Sprouts and Whole Foods chains into mainstream chain grocery stores. Stores like Kroger, Hy-Vee, and other leading chains have cleared out shelf-dense aisles to install bins with everything from pasta, beans, spices; soup mixes, baking products, and even candy and pet foods. Many of the products offered tend to be natural or organic products.

Benefits of Buying Natural and Organic Bulk Foods.

Those that choose to keep their body healthy and reduce environmental waste, often opt to buy bulk natural foods.

Here are eight benefits to choosing organic bulk items.

Lowers Waste

Because there is no packaging on the products. Each bin has a spoon or scoop which is used to place the food you want into plastic bags, which can then be recycled, producing nearly zero waste.

Reduces Wasted Food

Often recipes call for an item that you will rarely use. Instead of buying a big package of an ingredient you may never use again, you can choose the specific amount that you need. There is no need to buy more than you need, so you will reduce costs and waste.

Saves Money

Because you can take what you need, you don’t need to buy a whole package. The fact that there is no packaging, you are not paying for extra packaging. You get the food or ingredients you need without the wasteful packaging.

Fresher Products

You will not end up with have used packages of food that have gone bad. How many times have you purchased a box of brown sugar, only to find that it’s as hard as a brink next time you need it? Chances are you throw it out and buy a new box. With bulk, you choose the amount you need, reducing waste and keeping products fresher.

Lower Transportation Mileage

Bulk foods are not weighed or individually packaged. This reduces transportation, so they get to the destination sooner and fresher.

Increased Sustainability

Packaging materials are often made from trees, and to cut those trees down equipment emitting CO2 into the air. It can end up in local waterways. Trees are then transported to packaging plants. Without these efforts, there is less impact on the environment.

Buying Online Saves Time

There are more options to buy bulk health foods online. To make things even easier and save time, there are many online retail sites where you can buy bulk health foods online.

Healthy/Less Expensive Alternatives for Natural and Organic Food

Many consumers choose to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating natural and organic products. Unfortunately, tend to be more expensive because of the care needed in growing and processing. Added packaging just adds to that cost. According to a study from Portland State University, packaged organic products can be 89% more than the same bulk product.

By buying bulk natural foods, you’re getting a better product at a better price and reducing trash in landfills.

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